Ready for pool fight

Convenor John Faull gives a run-down on the current Olinda Pool situation. Pictures: GREG CARRICKConvenor John Faull gives a run-down on the current Olinda Pool situation. Pictures: GREG CARRICK


A NEWLY-formed committee will fight tooth and nail to save the Olinda Pool.
Last month, the Yarra Ranges Council announced that they would close the pool permanently following irreparable cracks and low attendance rates.
On Thursday night, members of the community came together to discuss the next plan of attack to save the pool, and a committee was formed.
Chairman of the group, John Faull said the meeting was a positive one.
“We just want to keep it open,” he said.
“We will fight tooth and nail to get the pool fixed.”
Mr Faull said the group discussed many things, and even included current councillor Noel Cliff.
“Noel seemed pretty passionate about it, and really listened to what we had to say.”
He said the group had decided they would do their best to meet with councillors and hopefully change the decision.
“We’re meeting with the mayor today (Tuesday),” he said.
“So hopefully we’ll be able to make some gains there.”
He said the group would fight the closure because it was the community’s right to have a pool.
“Why close something that the community wants?” he said.
“This is not just about swimming, but fire-fighting too.”
Mr Faull’s fight to save the pool has involved much community outcry and the issue has received a lot of attention on social media.
His efforts have also been bolstered by Latrobe MP Jason Wood, who said if the pool was able to stay open, he would do his best to ensure Federal Government funding to help the council maintain it.
“I’ve already spoken to Greg Hunt about it,” he said.
“And while the budget is already done for this year, I’m fairly confident that we’ll be able to get some funding next time – all the council has to do is keep it open.”
Mr Wood said that it would be disappointing if the Olinda Pool was closed permanently considering it was one of the few outdoor pools left in Latrobe.

2 Responses to “Ready for pool fight”

  1. Alan Coutinho-Hogan says:

    Great work John Faull in bringing together real community achievers. With our new Mayor Fiona Mc’allister and our new Latrobe MP Jason Wood on the case I would be quietly confident that the pool stands a good chance of being saved.

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  2. Ex-Upwey Bloke says:

    Blimey, never thought I could agree with Mr C-H on something. There’s hope for the world after all. ;-)

    I have many fond memories of swimming at the pool in the past, and wish John Faull and co all the best in their efforts.

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